this summer is for
everything and nothing but
the books and the sand


open wounds at dusk
wailing faintly in my heart
stalked by the shadows


seventy degrees
of sunshine and sweet daydreams
and a missing bike


chapped lip broken smile
mucus dripping cheeky face
and explosive head

all i really want
is something soft and quiet
to wipe away tears


the passage of time
softly eroding each breath
with haunting silence


miles of grey cement
towns frozen in snowflakes and time
nosebleeds and diapers

respects to a man
with pearly whites, a buick
and a purple heart


gripped by laziness
cerebral paralysis
just a pile of bones


from the early 2000s...both old and sometimes very sad...

eyes swollen shut
ruby lips stung by salt tears
porcelain heart agape

flashes of dry, pink
light shattering the sky with
hopes to sense you soon


a pale blank expanse
bleeding presence of conscience
true silence within


man versus machine
versus money, versus fame
man versus himself

versus governments
run by lost souls in blue suits
versus peace in the foothills

i would say woman, but that would destroy all haiku rhthym. maybe when i get better at this.
yellowed castaways
scattered, dusty misfortune
wilting green bleeds red


rouge and gold stained leaves
skirt the cement in deep breaths
of autumn rhythm


not a haiku, but a very short poem written circa 2005(?). reminds me of today.

make me into a pelt like the rain.
my bones are like fossils collapsing beneath the tent of my skin.


a metallic joke
from the isuzu hombre
coasting before me


a moment to gasp
before the blush rushes in
an insecure smile


i'll think of you in
transluscent hues of pale sky
blue lute residue

circa 2001